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Endless Pass Card Game: A Viking Saga

WZK73286 Endless Pass Card Game: A Viking Saga published by WizKids Games

WZK73286: Endless Pass Card Game: A Viking Saga is on Sale

The Midgard Serpent is stirring and has spawned The Endless to await the final battle of Ragnarok. Enter the depths of the Endless Pass. Compete with rival Vikings to aid the gods by defeating The Endless. Earn glory as Ragnarok draws near!

Play as a Viking hero to become the Conqueror of the Pass! Use Action cards, Pass cards, and your special ability to defeat The Endless. The fist Viking to acquire 10 Glory will win the game. Are you worthy?


  • 6 Player Boards
  • 68 Action Cards
  • 78 Pass Cards
  • 6 Health Trackers
  • 6 Glory Trackers
  • 9 Special Pass Cards
  • 6 Player Aids
  • No. of Players: 2 to 6

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: 11.99
           (RRP is 23.99)