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Strategy And Tactics #322: Banana Wars

DCGST322 Strategy And Tactics #322: Banana Wars published by Decision Games

Banana Wars - US Military Operations in the Caribbean 18981934: From 1898 to 1934 the United States launched a series of military interventions around the Caribbean. These campaigns were fought for a variety of reasons but came to be collectively known as the Banana Wars and would serve as a proving ground for future American military doctrine.

Other Articles:

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  • Prelude to the Crimean War - Omar Pashas Danube Campaign: Russia in 1853 was a dominant military power in Europe, whereas the Turks were no longer the feared opponent. When Russia marched its troops to occupy the Danubian Principalities war between the two became inevitable. Twelve months later Russia would withdraw after suffering six major defeats at the hands of the Ottomans.
  • Operation Iceberg - Okinawa 1945: By late winter 1944, the Japanese were on the ropes but refusing to give in.To the Allies, an invasion of the Home Islands would be necessary, and a support base would be needed. All eyes focused on Okinawa.
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