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Deadzone Command Protocols: Outbreak

MGDZM38 Deadzone Command Protocols: Outbreak published by Mantic Games

MGDZM38: Deadzone Command Protocols: Outbreak is Out of Stock

Outbreak is the biggest shake-up to the Deadzone rules since 2.0 launched in 2016. Its a vital supplement for any Deadzone player whether youre a heroic commander of Enforcers or the insidious leader of a Veer-myn insurgency, this is a book you need to stay competitive in the hostile battlezones of the future.

Outbreak introduces a brand-new faction into the Deadzone universe: the Nameless. These horrifying creatures are detailed with new background information and a full force list featuring small bug-like minions to lumbering Goliaths. Deadzone will never be the same again. Four new scenarios help to keep the tournament scene interesting, while the original four scenarios are re-balanced to make them more competitive than ever before. Alongside this, a new selection of items ensures that every faction can uncover something useful in the fierce environments of Deadzone. Dont miss the latest faction lists! Weve gone through each faction to ensure theyre more balanced than ever before, and introduced new units to help keep your opponent on their toes. If you fancy taking your army building to the next level, Elite Army Lists featured a themed leader and their loyal troops ready to take to the battlefield. Choose from the stoic Forge Fathers, implacable Asterians and more, then prepare for war!

Price: 10.99
       (RRP is 14.99)