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Invisible Sun RPG: The Black Cube

MCG135 Invisible Sun RPG: The Black Cube published by Monte Cook Games

MCG135: Invisible Sun RPG: The Black Cube is Out of Stock

Do you think you live in the real world? You don't. This world you see around you is Shadow - a world illuminated only by the Grey Sun. You think it's your home, but that's because you have forgotten your true self. Awaken, and return to the Actuality and Satyrine, the city under the Indigo Sun.

You are a vislae, a wielder of fabulous powers and capabilities, a shaper of reality itself. You sought shelter in Shadow to escape the war, but the war is now over and your home has called you back. Wield fabulous powers as you uncover the secrets of reality itself in Invisible Sun, a roleplaying game of surreal fantasy, secrets, and magic that is truly magical! The Black Cube contains four hardcover tomes totaling over 500-pages of game and setting content; The Sooth Deck, a beautiful, tarot-themed deck that's instrumental to game play; The Path of Suns game board, used with the Sooth Deck; The Testament of Suns, a resin-cast figure that displays the currently ascendant Sooth Card; plus a wide variety of tokens for tracking game info, a set of custom Invisible Sun dice, two cloth maps, a GM's notebook, character tomes for all four orders, plus apostates, a character grimoire pad, five pregenerated characters, and loads of in-setting handouts and props.

Price: 199.99
       (184.99 after automatic discount!, RRP is 233.99)