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Lock'n'Load: Tactical Compendium Volume 4 Modern Era

LNL312667 Lock'n'Load: Tactical Compendium Volume 4 Modern Era published by Lock n Load Games

LNL312667: Lock'n'Load: Tactical Compendium Volume 4 Modern Era is Out of Stock

LnLT Compendium Vol. 4 is the second collection of articles and scenarios centered around the modern era. Much of this material is combined from the Line of Fire issues as well as the previously released product Battle Pack Alpha.

What you are going to find in LnLT Compendium Vol 4 is a lot of content forLnLT Modern era, from Vietnam to the present. Great content on strong on tactics, historical perspective of weapons and conflicts, and a lot of great scenarios. With re-edited articles and updated images, the Modern Compendium Volume 4 is a must-have for the LnLT gamer. With over 100 pages, 4 new X-Maps, and 12 scenarios Ranging from the jungles of Vietnam to the rocky highlands of Western Germany, fans will get exactly what they want, more maps, more articles, and more scenarios. Compendium Volume 4 has something for everyone whos a fan of the Lock n Load Tactical series Modern- Era games. And its all right here:

One game system, one era. one place!

Note: This Compendium does not come with Standard maps, only X-Maps.

Requirements: The following games Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes in Defiance, Day of Heroes, Heroes of the Nam, from the Lock 'n Load Tactical Series are required to use this product to its fullest extent. This product contains some previously released material from Line of Fire and Battle Pack Alpha.

Price: 21.99
       (RRP is 24.99)