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Catalyst Game Labs

CAT35153 BattleTech: Alien Worlds Map Pack published by Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech: Alien Worlds Map Pack

Map Pack: Alien Worlds contains 4 two-sided paper map sheets: Caustic Valley #1, Caustic Valley #2, Crystalline Canyon #1, Crystalline Canyon #2, Fungal Forest #1, Fungal Forest #2, Lunar Station #1, Lunar Station #2, Fractured Glaciers #1, Fractured Glaciers #2, Volcanic Plateau #1, Volcanic Plateau  ...More...

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CAT35701 BattleTech: Legends published by Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech: Legends

Across the centuries, the fate of the Inner Sphere changed time and again with the actions of one MechWarrior and one 'Mech fighting at the crux of history. Their stories became legends passed down through the years, and now these legends and their 'Mechs stand revealed as never before. BattleTech:  ...More...

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CAT35902 BattleTech: Tamar Rising published by Catalyst Game Labs

BattleTech: Tamar Rising

Silence falls across the Jade Falcon border, and slowly, reports reach Lyran space: the Clan's warriors, so long a threat to the Steiner realm, are gone. Powerful ambitions rush to fill the vacuum that follows. Former Clan citizens both recently assimilated and long conquered grapple with a future  ...More...

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Shadowrun RPG: 6th World Emerald City

Seattle has experienced dramatic changes recently, breaking free of the UCAS and going its own way as a free city. Independence can be exhilarating, but it also brings stresses and danger, and this book will look at how Seattle is changing and what that means for people working in the shadowrunning  ...More...

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Shadowrun RPG: 6th World Shadow Points

A backdoor cyberclinic. A fast food joint. A police station. These are places shadowrunners might encounter across the globe, wherever they get their work done.


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Shadowrun RPG: 6th World The Kechibi Code

Shadowrun: The Kechibi Code is a new plot sourcebook for Shadowrun: Sixth World RPG. This new plot book features a storyline that moves from the Scotsprawl to Lagos, and then, to St. Louis. The Shadowrunners are in pursuit of digital vandals that are going after businesses and major markets. This  ...More...

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