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Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG: Encyclopedia Arcana I - Treasures

CB77023 Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG: Encyclopedia Arcana I - Treasures published by Arion Games

You wont find two thousand copper pieces in this book!

Instead, what you will find is a complete treasure creation system for your Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventure or campaign. No longer will you be limited to making up the contents of a treasure hoard, improvised and on the fly.

Rather, with a few rolls of the dice you can create anything from the contents of a Goblins pocket to the valuables scattered across the floor of a Dragons cavern. Whats more, whatever you do create will not be some soulless collection of bits and pieces, but instead intuitively tied into the world of Titan and its rich and interrelated lore.

Prise open the pages of this magical grimoire and find:

  • A complete treasure generation system
  • New weapons and adventuring gear
  • Weird food and drink drawn from the lore of Titan
  • New skills and spells, including the magical school of Demi-Sorcery!
  • Over 360 new magical items
  • Artefacts of power including holy, unholy and demonic relics
  • Seven new Hero Archetypes
  • The Ultimate Equipment List
  • The Ultimate Magical Item Index
  • The Ultimate Spell Index
  • A bonus Titan-based Fantasy Name Generator.

    More things than you can shake a Y-shaped stick at!

  • Price: 15.49
           (RRP is 18.99)