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Combat Volume 1

COM1097 Combat Volume 1 published by Compass Games

COM1097: Combat Volume 1 is Out of Stock

Combat! is a solitaire game on man to man combat in the 20th century. The player will control friendly forces and attempt to complete a scenario against enemy forces that are controlled by the game system. At the start of each turn the player will play 1 card from their hand to the Initiative track. This card will determine the initiative values for each of the players friendly teams and may have other effects depending on the card. After this the player will assign orders to each character on his side.

This will determine the actions that the character can take this turn. Once the friendly characters have orders assigned to them, the player will draw an Enemy AI Card for each Alerted Enemy Character. These cards will determine the Initiative value for each Enemy Team and the Order that they will receive. The Order determines the actions that an Enemy Character will take that turn. The game turn is then played through in 4 Impulses. From the lowest initiative value to the highest each Character (Friendly and Enemy) will perform the action specified on their Order counter. All Characters will act on Impulse 1 before moving to Impulse 2, then Impulse 3 and finally Impulse 4. At the end of the turn all Orders are removed and the played cards returned to the respective decks. Each soldier (friendly and enemy) is represented by a 1 counter with 5/8 informational markers showing morale, wounds, orders etc. With individual names (for friendly and enemy characters) each game tells a varied and memorable story. 14 Scenarios - June 1944 which you play the U.S vs AI Germans.

Product Information: Complexity: 6 out of 10. Solitaire Suitability: 10 out of 10 Designed specifically for solitaire play. Time Scale: Abstracted dependent upon actions taken per round but between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Map Scale: 10 yards per hex. Unit Scale: Single man man-to-man combat. Players: One Designed specifically for solitaire play. Playing Time: Two to six hours dependent upon size of scenario.


  • Four 22 by 34 game maps
  • Four 5/8th inch counter sheets
  • Two 1 inch counter sheets
  • Two decks of cards (52 cards per deck)
  • One Rulebook
  • One Scenario Book
  • Four Displays/Charts
  • One Turn Display
  • Two Ten-Sided Dice
  • One Six-Sided Die
  • One Game Box
  • No. of Players: 1

    Duration: 180 to 240 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: 129.99
           (123.49 after automatic discount!, RRP is 141.99)