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Cypher System RPG: Planar Character Options

MCG328 Cypher System RPG: Planar Character Options published by Monte Cook Games

Planar natives, multiverse explorers, and those touched by mysterious forces leaking through from the planes: these characters are shaped by backgrounds and experiences unlike those found in more conventional environs. From a Warrior who Strikes With an Amethyst Fist, channelling power through a psionically resonant prosthetic, to a traveller character with a mysterious cosmic map imprinted on their skin, to a character with the Limbo Touched ability, who can change objects at will-characters with ties to the planes are just a bit different.

This book is brimming with new material and new choices to create and advance characters shaped by contact from beyond. The Cypher System version includes: Over two dozen new species descriptors, planar descriptors, and foci. Play a Cosmic Rambler, Crossplane Refugee, or Reformed Fiend, who Aspires to Angelic Perfection, Is Pledged to Annihilation, or Wields a Chaos Blade. Scores of new character abilities that can be integrated into any Cypher System game. Build or modify your own types, descriptors, and foci to bring a touch of the transdimensional to any campaign! Dozens of cyphers and artifacts from, or affected by, the planes. Wield a soul net, reality tuner, or crows eye.

Price: 20.99
       (RRP is 24.99)