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Deadlands RPG: Lost Colony

S2P10802 Deadlands RPG: Lost Colony published by Studio 2 Publishing

S2P10802: Deadlands RPG: Lost Colony is on Pre-Order
Expected Sep-20 (liable to change without notice), see our Terms for Pre-Orders.
Orders containing pre-order items are held until all items are available, there is a postage option for most UK Customers to have an order split into 2 deliveries.

The story of Deadlands continues. The Last War on Earth destroyed the "Tunnel," the galactic wormhole between home and the colonists of the Faraway System. Now they're trapped in the mining colonies of deep space or the lone inhabitable and often hostile planet of Banshee. Ancient and evil creatures called the Skinnies see their chance to strike, rallying Banshee's native anouks to wipe out the invaders. The only ship capable of traveling between systems, Hellstromme Industries' Unity, has returned. And with its cargo comes a final Reckoning. It requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition game system.

Price: 28.99
       (RRP is 33.99)