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G I Joe RPG: Sgt Slaughter Limited Edition Accessory Pack

RGS02565 G I Joe RPG: Sgt Slaughter Limited Edition Accessory Pack published by Renegade Game Studios

Look alive, Joes! The toughest drill sergeant is here to whip you into shape: none other than Sgt Slaughter! Cobra won't stand a chance against Sgt Slaughter, the famous Triple T, and Slaughter's Marauders!

Provides everything you need to portray Sgt Slaughter and Slaughter's Marauders in your G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game! Character options for making your own drill instructor character or a member of Slaughter's Marauders. Stats for making and playing as Sgt Slaughter and his Marauders. 28mm-scale Sgt Slaughter paintable miniature. Adventure that lets your G.I. JOE characters join Slaughter's Marauders. Standees and tactical maps representing scenes in the scenario. Requires the G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game to play.


  • 1 Sgt Slaughter Sourcebook
  • 1 Marauders Versus the Slaughter Monster adventure book
  • 1 Sgt Slaughter Paintable Miniature (28mm scale)
  • 33 Character and Vehicle Standees
  • 14 plastic stands
  • 3 double-sided map tiles
  • Price: 46.99
           (RRP is 57.49)