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Traveller RPG: Starter Set

MGP40008 Traveller RPG: Starter Set published by Mongoose Publishing

MGP40008: Traveller RPG: Starter Set is Out of Stock

Everything you need to start exploring Traveller, including the full core rules set and a complete campaign to set you off in a universe of adventure!

Traveller is a science fiction roleplaying game of bold explorers and brave adventurers. The Traveller Core Rulebook contains everything you need to create one of these adventurers and begin exploring the galaxy. Spaceports, ancient civilisations, air/rafts, cold steel blades, laser carbines, far distant worlds, and exotic alien beasts this is the futuristic universe of Traveller, the original and classic science fiction roleplaying game. Come visit the future.


  • Book 1: Characters and Combat
  • Book 2: Worlds and Spacecraft
  • Book 3: The Fall of Tinath
  • Giant blank Sector Maps
  • 6 Pre-generated Character Cards
  • Price: 36.99
           (RRP is 49.99)